31 Fashion Tips and Tricks That Will Change your Life

fashion tips and tricks

COVID restrictions are going to ease around the globe and we all be traveling across the world for various purposes. Wherever I am, I like to wear neat and clean clothes. But carrying an iron box is out of the question. So, I use this simple hack to keep my clothes from wrinkling. I fold everything in plastic dry cleaning bags while packing. These simple tips saved me a ton of time.

Tips are tricks that are helpful for making our lives easier. So I have compiled a list of tips and tricks that will change your life for the best. Enjoy!

  • Avoid extra shrinkage by washing your new jeans twice before taking them to the tailor, because jeans shrink in length when washed.
  • Always air dry your jeans to prevent them from shrinking.
  • Remove odor from vintage or thrift clothing by spritzing them with a mixture of one part vodka, two parts water.
  • Always use nude colors while choosing formal wear. Never go for funky colors while choosing clothes for work.
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  • Remove white deodorant marks from your clothes by gently rubbing the protective foam used on hangers against the fabric.
  • Choose Lycra blend fabrics for everyday wear as I will help you stretch a little bit to move eloquently and look fantastic at the same time.
  • To remove lipstick stain from your clothes, use hairspray.
  • Keep your diamonds sparkling with liquid dishwasher detergent and an old toothbrush.
  • Next time when you get worried about oil stains on your handbag, coat the area with baby powder and let it stand overnight. It will be gone by the next morning. If a little bit of stain still remains, repeat the same process until the stain is completely gone.
  • An easy way to keep your clothes organized is to keep them color-wise going light to dark from left to right.
  • In order to keep your swimwear intact without losing its elasticity is to hand wash them. Only use a machine if you are washing it after wearing it several times. But that too using a cloth bag.
  • If you want to keep your tights from holes and runs, spray it with a sticky hairspray.
  • Blot, don’t rub when you accidentally spill something on your clothes. Wiping or rubbing will actually further ingrain the stain into the weave.
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  • To avoid your cotton clothing from bleeding color on every wash, simply handwash your cotton clothes in cold water. And when using a washing machine, use color-catching sheets.
  • Always follow the instructions given on the wash care labels. Read this article to learn more about wash care labels.
  • Wash white cotton clothes using bleach.
  • If you have numerous old clothes lying around your house, repurpose them to reupholster a throw pillow, chair seat, or a stool.
  • To stretch tight shoes, fill freezer bags with water and place them into each shoe. Leave it to freeze overnight. As the water freezes, it will gently expand your shoes.
  • Protect your sunglasses and eyeglasses by keeping them in a cool place in a hard case. Because heat can damage the frame and glasses significantly.
  • To iron your cotton clothes perfectly to give a smoother and neat look, make sure to align the inside or back as well as the surface or outside.
  • Wash your linen clothes in cold water to avoid them from shrinking.
  • Frame vintage scarves laying around for cool original artwork.
  • If the inner joints of your sunglasses get loose, just apply a transparent nail polish that will keep them together.
  • Dry cotton clothes in a washing machine. Hanging them could stretch out the item.
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  • Chambray outfits should be dried under the shade. Turn it inside out while storing as well as ironing to use it longer.
  • Blowing hot air over your stiff shoes can break their stiffness to wear them comfortably.
  • Use an eraser or a nail file to de-scuff suede.
  • Store your jewelry in Ziplocs to retain luster and reduce tarnishing and scratches.
  • For a perfect cuffed sleeve, keep the top button buttoned while you roll.
  • It is better to stick with your signature style that you know looks good on you.
  • To remove odor from workout sneakers, tilt the shoe and keep it above dissolved baking soda. Place it above the workout sneakers before you sleep and leave it overnight.


Comment below tips and tricks that you know which isn’t listed above.

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