Woven Fabrics Vs Knit Fabrics: 3 Key Differences

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Weaving and knitting are the most popular ways of preparing fabrics around the world.

The way in which the fabric is produced is what differentiates woven fabrics from the knit fabrics.

This process gives the fabric special features which we will discuss in the following section.


Woven Fabrics Vs Knit Fabrics: Key Differences

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  1. Yarn and threads used:  The basic feature which differentiates woven fabrics from knit fabrics is the type of yarn/threads used for making the fabric. In woven fabrics are made with multiple yarns interlacing at right angles while knit fabrics are made with continuously looped single yarns which are braided in appearance. If you wish to learn more about woven fabrics, take a look at the detailed article here
  2. Stretching: Woven fabrics are tightly woven threads which makes them less stretchable, but they are more durable. Most commonly used for household, apparel, and industrial textile. In the case of knit fabrics, it’s stretchable in many directions, because the single yarn is loosely interlaced. Such fabrics are sought for making activewear clothes, socks, hats, etc.
  3. Wrinkle Test: An easy way to test the wrinkling on any fabric is to take a piece of the fabric and ball it up on your wrist. If it springs back to its initial form with less effect on shape or smoothness, the fabric is most likely knit. Woven fabrics will create temporary creases on the fabric in this test.


Types of Knits

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  1. Jersey knit – is a lightweight, medium stretch material, with no distinct right or wrong side for the fabric.
  2. Rib-knit – is comparatively a heavier fabric that is generally very stretchy with almost identical right and wrong sides.
  3. Interlock knit – is a heavier and thicker fabric than jersey which can be used reversible. It is the most stable type of fabric among the three basic knits.
  4. French Terry Knit – is a super comfortable, lightweight, and moisture-absorbing fabric with one side that features loops and soft piles of yarn and the other with a smooth soft surface.
  5. Fleece knits – is a quick-drying, durable, and stretch fabric that can be made with any type of fiber like wool, bamboo, or cotton.

These are only the common types of knits. Depending on the type of material used for knitting, there can be more with various behavior and uses.

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Now you can easily tell the difference between knit and woven fabrics. Please write down in the comments if you think I missed any key differences.

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