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What do the Gen Z want to wear?

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Fashion is always influenced by its consumers. We have seen brands come up with various designs to cope up with ever-changing consumer demands. Gen-Z, also known as the most powerful consumer group, has the ability to influence the course of fashion. In this article, we will investigate what Gen-Z wants to wear and how they are shaping the future of fashion.


Who is Gen-Z?

They are born from 1997 to 2012. Their current age is between 9 to 24. On average they consume three hours of online content via social media and streaming services. They grew up playing with their parent’s mobile phones. Most of them received their first phone around the age of 11.

With whole new philosophies and beliefs, Gen-Z is entirely different from the other generations. This reflects in their fashion choices. While making a purchase decision, they take several other factors into consideration.


What do Gen-Z shoppers want from fashion?

  1. Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Fashion in sustainability

These consumers are looking for transparency in the brand’s manufacturing and supply chain practices. They are concerned for the people who made their garments. In the past several years, there have been many incidents in which some high-profile brands were accused of treating their workers badly and paying unfair wages.

Now the consumers are demanding information about the origin of the fabric. Are they sourced sustainably and ethically? They only want to interact with such brands who are transparent about this aspect of their business. It is reported that about 66% of Gen-Z are even willing to pay more for sustainable clothing and 42% of them say they want to know how the apparel is being made before they make the decision to buy.

In this article, we discuss how Patagonia embraced sustainability to increase its brand trust and sales. If you don’t know the story of Patagonia, please visit the link and read it there.

  1. Garments that lasts

Gen Z selecting dress

Fast fashion is getting pushed out of the limelight. Gen-Z is looking for brands that last longer and have a purpose. We recently faced a global crisis that affected everyone in many ways. By coming out of this crisis, we have learned important lessons. The value of money is at the top of this list. So they have become more conscious about where and what they are spending money on. Instead of spending money on cheap clothes, they prefer spending money on high-quality items that last. They are highly seeking heritage brands for their rich history and durability. North Face and Levi’s are such brands.


  1. Brands that take bold stands on Social issues

Nike advertisement featuring Colin

Brand content is consumed continuously by their customers. They want their favorite brands to be doing well for the benefit of society. But it should do it in an authentic way.

When the NFL athlete Colin Kaepernick protested during the NFL’s anthem by taking a knee, it was supported by Nike. Even though Nike had to face a lot of criticism for their action, it really struck the right chord among the brand’s biggest consumer groups.


  1. Unique and latest styles

unique styles by gen z

Gen-Z consumers are open to trying new brands if they are offering unique styles. They are also willing to switch to the latest brand if their innovations are unique. For the right product, they are bought without a second thought. These customer groups are known best for shopping around, rather than sticking to a specific brand.


  1. Usefulness

Gen Z wearing atleisure

Athleisure is a category that became popular in recent years. Because more people want to wear clothes that are comfortable. Suits and executive clothing are even ditched by many corporates in their board meetings to encourage this change in the perception of clothes as something comfortable, rather than a necessity.

If you are a brand that serves Gen-Z then it is important for you to understand these concepts and implement changes that will reflect the ideas and philosophies of this demanding generation. Did I miss something on the list? Comment below


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