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Three Rules to avoid “Cheap Looks”

rules to not look cheap in fashion

Can money buy class? Before we begin a debate on this topic we should understand that everyone is trying to look sharp and presentable. Be it a millionaire or an average working professional. Our wardrobes contain items for various occasions. Like a job interview, wedding reception, and so on. But not every time we change and look into the mirror we feel comfortable. Sometimes we may also think, “Why do my clothes look dull despite washing them and spending a good amount of money on quality materials?” Wearing something that fits all these descriptions can be really tough. But what if there is an alternative way in which you can avoid wearing “dull clothes” altogether? Here are three simple rules to avoid looking cheap.


Rule #1: Avoid color dull or stained clothes

It’s really hard to give up on your favorite clothes. Believe me, I know. My favorite clothes have been through a lot together. My crisp white shirt, for example, has been with me for every single job interview I attended for the last three years.

stained clothes

The white button t-shirt that you like wearing for an outing in the winter, has stain marks around the collars after wearing it for so long. But is it worth it? Each and every cloth loses its colorfastness after wearing and washing it multiple times. Once these signs are visible, it is high time to donate them or repurpose them. Take this opportunity to rebuild your wardrobe with some fresh-looking materials.


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Rule #2: Stop wearing wrinkled clothes

If you wish other people to see you as a classy and high-value individual, then you must avoid wearing wrinkled clothes at all costs. I literally mean it. When you are traveling for a business purpose or simply enjoying a day off, people will always judge you just by looking at you and what you are wearing. Wrinkled clothes make you look unprofessional and careless. Imagine what a hiring manager would think interviewing a candidate that is wearing a wrinkled top?

rules for wearing clothes for an interview

A normal iron box is ideal when you are in the comfort of your home. But there are also alternatives available for people looking for a smart solution while traveling. In such cases, a steamer will be your best friend. Unlike an iron box, steamers can be used on any type of clothing. Even suits. It is safe and does not spoil your clothes with stains or watermarks. It will be one of the best investments you can make to elevate your good-looking standards.


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#Rule #3: Wear fewer colors

If you like wearing bright colors, go ahead with that. Because I’m not advising against it. AS a rule of thumb, while choosing an item to wear, choose clothes that do not exceed more than two colors. You may feel like you look vibrant in them, but believe me, too many colors will look busy on your body and looks way cheaper than minimal color cloths. The foundation of a good look is keeping your outfit basic and minimal. It is also okay to keep it neutral.

monochromatic clothes

A monochromatic look is something that is very popular among millennials today. We can see and take inspiration from many celebrities around the world. While mixing colors, it is important to look for two complementary colors. For example, wear a cream or an off-white top with dark blue jeans.

What we can conclude from these three simple rules is that the price is not the determining factor when it comes to looking classy and of high value. A cheap cloth can look great if you follow the rules that we discussed in the above section. What are your habits when it comes to wearing clothes? Do you like more colors? Are you a minimalist? Comment and let us know!

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