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Space Dyed Fabric: Everything You Need To Know

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As companies compete with each other to delight their customers with unique designs, the race to develop fabrics that are hard to replicate also increased. A space dyed fabric is such a creation in the apparel world. In this article we will look into the details of Space Dyed Fabric. But first, let us understand what space dyeing is?


What is Space Dyeing?

Space dyeing is a process used for creating yarns with multiple colors effect. Generally, a yarn comes only in one color. But a space dyed yarn comes with more than two colors on them. This type of space dyed yarns is also known as dip dyed yarns.

The secret to a well produced space dyed yarn is a chemical called as ‘mordant’. This chemical helps to fix the dye on the yarn after each color is dyed. This is why a space dyed yarn is capable of holding more than one or more colors.

Below you can watch a sample video on space dyeing:

What Are Different Methods of Space Dyeing?

Space Dyeing can be done using a variety of methods. They are:

  1. Hank printing:

In this method, a ready to dye yarn in hank form is mounted on a stand or laid on a flat surface. Then a technician applied colors on them by spraying to achieve the desired effects. Based on the substrate and the dyestudd used for this process, it is further processed for finishing. This results in controlled yarn coloration and specific time and length. This process is ideal for short length fabric as this is a time consuming and tiring method.


  1. Manual operation:

A syringe filled with dye solution is used to inject colors by hand. This particular skill is developed by years of practice by technicians. They apply the required amount of dye on the yarn at various horizontal and vertical angles to get the desired result.


  1. Dip stick process:

The yarn is dipped in different colors at different places. Once the dipping process is done and the yarn is unwounded, it presents a fancy look.


  1. Machine processing:

Space dyeing machines have the capability to dye the yarns at different color combinations in a controlled manner. Some machines can combine upto 8 or more colors. The machines use high pressure and vacuum chambers to spray the dye on the yarns. This creates beautiful patterns of dyed patches on the package. Once the process is done, the yarn is treated with finishing agents to be off excess color and softeners.


  1. Knit de Knit process:

In this method, the yarn is first knitted  on a circular or flat bed knitting machine. Then an engrave printing roller is used to produce the space dyed effect on it. This process imparts a unique microspaced design.


  1. Continuous or warp yarn printing:

Multiple strands of yarn are continuously printed at spaced intervals with different colors. These yarns have 3 to 7 inch spaces between them as the yarns as dyed as singles or piled form. The color is applied either by air jets or dye troughs.


What shades does Spaced Dyed Yarns have?

Like any normal yarns, space dyed yarns can also come in any coordinating or contrasting colors. Starting from various neutral tones, assorted shades of blue, providing a unique design. These type of shades gives the yarn a funkier look.


What are the uses of space dyed yarn?

Space dyed yarns are most commonly used for knitting and crocheting. But this technique is also used for creating yarns for woven fabrics. At Dinesh Exports, we have developed unique designs in space dyed yarns.

He final product from these yarns will have an uneven horizontal stripes look. A collage-like effect on its surface. The final effect is determined by the size of the yarn.


What Are Space Dyed Fabrics?

Space Dyed Fabrics are farics that are created using space dyed yarns. These fabrics are unique in design and texture. At Dinesh Exports, we have samples ready in Space Dyed Linen fabrics. If you are looking to develop space dyed woven fabrics with sustainable qualities, please reach out to us.



Space dyeing is a unique dyeing process used to create multi colored effect on yarns. It can be created using a variety of methods such as hank printing, manual dyeing, dip stick method and so on. Woven fabrics are also created using this type of yarns. Companies use them to create products that are unique to their customers. For more details, please get in touch with us. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to stay updated about news and other relevant articles.

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