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How to avoid major mistakes in Print and Embroidery?

avoif print and emroidery mistakes

Prints and embroidery are an integral part of fashion and clothing. Printing and embroidery are also value-added processes in garment production. Print quality, embroidery quality, and apparel appearance must match the customer-provided design (brand). Clothing factories typically develop printing and embroidery strike-offs during the garment development stage and mass production.

A strike off helps in avoiding major mistakes during the bulk production. This is why proper approval of strike is necessary.


How to avoid major mistakes in Print and Embroidery?

To approve the pattern, you must follow print quality standards. You can create a checklist to avoid mistakes when approving the above. In Buyer Style Tech Packs, most brands mention and provide references to printing / embroidery quality requirements. While approving the deletion, you can comment according to the techpack details on printing and embroidery. Depending on the approval level, the customer will get a discount on the original fabric or sample fabric. You need to prepare the deletion on the sample card and write down the deletion details using the correct reference number such as style / model number.


Print strike-off checklist (see only):

  • Print the artwork
  • Print color combinations and shades (Pantone code). Sometimes the design refers to different inks due to the different base colors of the
  • Artwork size
  • Sharpness of print contour
  • Raw material quality
  • The printing process used for printing
  • Appearance of print results
  • Can also include discoloration resistance to washing and running


Embroidery strike-off checklist (see only):

  • Embroidery artwork
  • Embroidery pattern
  • Design sharpness
  • Appearance of embroidery results
  • After reviewing the strike, add a comment to the strike and mention if anything needs to be changed or further improved for approval. If everything is standards compliant, you can approve the removal of the following process.



If you are a buyer or work in a department store, you can create your own checklist. When requesting removal, the request and checklist must also be sent to the developer (supplier). This allows the supplier to see the deletion before submitting it, reducing the redevelopment of the deletion. If the print pattern is incorrect and no clues are found, you can call the designer or an authorized person for approval. We hope this guide will help you when releasing prints / embroidery.


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