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Checklist for Print and Embroidery Strike-off

print and embroidery checklist for strikeoff approval

Prints and embroideries have become a part of almost all brands. They add value to the apparel and create appeal to the buyer. It also helps the brand stand out from their competition. It is the duty of the merchandisers and product development managers to ensure that their orders have the best quality after manufacturing. The manufacturer is responsible for the development of print and embroidery strike offs during the sample and bulk product development stage. Hence, reviewing the strike off before approval is crucial part to ensure the buyer gets the right quality product as per his requirement.


What are the Print and Embroidery Strike off Approval Processes?

textile merchandisers

  1. Follow the quality standards of the print quality.
  2. Prepare check list to avoid mistakes.
  3. Mention print and embroidery quality requirements in tech packs.
  4. Comment on strike off as per the details mentioned in the tech pack.

The manufacturer proceeds as per your strike off approval for bulk production. They prepare strike offs in a swatch card and write down the details of strike off with correct reference number like style/model number.


What are the checklists for Print strike off approval?

These checklists will help you ensure that your strike off approval is perfect.

  1. Artwork for print
  2. Color ways and color shades for print (pantone codes).
  3. Artwork size
  4. Printing outline sharpness
  5. Quality of the base fabric
  6. Printing process required to be used
  7. Possible result or outcome of the printed fabric in picture
  8. Color fastness
  9. Washing
  10. Running


What are the checklists for Print strike off approval?

Embroidery checklists are similar to that of the print strike off checklist. Below they are listed:

  1. Artwork for embroidery
  2. Design for embroidery
  3. Design sharpness
  4. Design outcome in picture and sample


After analyzing the strike off using the checklist, analyze the result with sample and the developed product. If you find any differences, add comment to the strike off specifics and mention the changes required for further development. It should be clear to the manufacturer so that they can make those changes. It is better to send the check list to the developer while requesting for a strike off, so that the developer can check the list before sending it back to you. This will save time for corrections.


Hope this article was helpful. If you are looking for printed or embroidery woven fabrics, please reach out to us.

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