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Merchandisers Guide to Most Trending Prints of 2022

Guide to trending prints fabrics in 2022 featured image

As the world goes from pandemic to prosperity, everyone is looking for a fresh start.

What is better than having fresh looks to represent this idea?

In this article, we are sharing with you some of the most interesting All Over Prints from our archives that are promised to become a great success. Consider this list as an inspiration for everyone in the product development and fabric industry.

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Trends in All Over Prints Fabrics

  1. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the chocolate factory design

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory is a popular novel and cinema that is based on fun, courage, and youth.

It is a perfect design for the new generation that adores these stories.


  1. Freedom Horses

Starry Night Horses 8.31.20

An illusionary print design representing horses resembling freedom and energetic spirit.


  1. Magical symmetry

Magical symmetry

Humans crave symmetry in everything. Not only on their print designs.

This symmetry is a resemblance to human creativity and their love for patterns.


  1. Mythical garden

Mythical garden

Suitable for apparel that is enigmatic and creates a sense of mystery-like feeling from an old mythical novel.


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  1. Astral explosion

Astral explosion

Astral explosions are a natural phenomenon that occurs in our universe.

With the latest technology, we are able to create images that capture them.

Often shared in cinemas and pictures by NASA.

This design is inspired by such a natural phenomenon.


  1. Spring garden

Spring garden

A garden full of flowers reminds us of the possibility of happiness and joy.

It is an ideal design for frocks, tops, and other types of womenswear.


  1. Turning Picasso

Turning picasso

Inspired by the famous painter Pablo Picasso, this is a modern analytical cubism design.

Ideal for the modern generation to express their personality.


  1. Modern Abstraction

Modern abstraction

Modern abstraction is a collection of designs that are inspired by abstract art which emphasizes the freedom to explore and assign individualistic meaning to a certain piece.


  1. Strawberry fields forever

Strawberry fields forever

Inspired by the 1967 song by The Beatles, “Strawberry field forever”, this is a classical and timeless art just like the song.

The possibility of creating alternate icons instead of strawberries is endless.


Design Team at Dinesh Exports

We have a strong design team that has years of experience creating fresh designs and prints for brands all over the globe.

Based on customers, country, and other demographics, we are able to create suitable designs in a short period of time.

For more details, contact us.

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