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What is GSM in fabric and How to calculate it?

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GSM is simply the gram per square meter.

GSM in the fabric is a very important measurement for fashion designers, merchandisers, textile engineers, buyers, retailers, and customers. It is a primary variable while costing an order. The price of the fabric may increase in proportion to the GSM of the fabric.  Higher GSM fabrics have higher fiber content. Hence the charges go up.

Table of content:

  1. How to calculate the GSM of a fabric?
  2. Why do we need to take 4-5 specimens from the same fabric?
  3. Weighing the specimen using digital
  4. Calculating the GSM
  5. Does fabric thickness play a role in decision making?
  6. General fabric categories


How to calculate the GSM of a fabric?

In order to calculate the GSM of a fabric, you will need to cut 100 square centimeters of fabric from 4-5 areas of the same fabric.

To get the same area, a GSM cutter is used.

gsm cutter

(GSM cutter)

A GSM Cutter helps in getting even sizes of fabrics for testing. The area of the fabrics cut by the GSM cutter is 100 square centimeters.


Why do we need to take 4-5 specimens from the same fabric?

While the fabrics are being produced there can be chances for stretching. If fabrics are stretched at a given area, it will result in an inaccurate measurement.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to take at least 4-5 specimens for GSM testing.


Weighing the specimen using digital

gsm weighing scale

(GSM weighing scale)

  1. Place the specimen inside the weighing scale
  2. Note down the reading
  3. Repeat step 1 & 2 with the remaining specimens


Calculating the GSM

The GSM of fabric = Average of all the weight of specimens * 100

GSM of the fabric increases with the thickness of the fabric. It is highly dependent on the type of fabric like cotton, velvet, etc.


Does fabric thickness play a role in decision-making?

Have you ever noticed that apparels have a purpose? Apparel is mostly linked to an occasion. For example, the apparel you were to a beach on a hot day will be lightweight with breathable qualities.

Whereas the clothes you may wear for an outdoor adventure on a snowy day might be thicker and warm in quality.

This is exactly why the gsm is important while deciding the fabric to purchase. The cost of the fabric is directly proportional to the GSM.

An ideal T-shirt will be around 180 GSM and hoodies and sweatshirts can be around 350 GSM.

General fabric categories:

  1. Lightweight: Chiffon, linen – used in underwear and summer garments
  2. Medium weight: Sateen, Oxford – shirts, and churidars
  3. Heavyweight: Upholstery, canvas – suitable for cushion and furniture coverings


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