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Greige Fabric Vs RFD/PFD Fabric: Everything there is

If you are in the textile industry, you might have heard ‘greige fabric’ ‘gray fabric’ and ‘RFD/PFD fabric’ a million times, literally.

For a newbie, it is really important to understand what these terms indicate so that you can also work more efficiently.

Let’s dive into it.

Table of Content:

  1. What is Greige fabric / grey fabric?
  2. What is RFD / PFD fabric?


What is Greige Fabric / Grey fabric?

Greige fabric or grey fabric

There is a popular misconception that ‘greige’ is a color.

The grey fabric is actually the direct product of weaving or knitting.

It’s the raw fabric before processing.

Greige fabric is mostly in grey or off-white shade, hence the name.

Till now, there is no international standard name for it.

People use grey fabric and gray fabric interchangeably.

The cost of grey fabric is comparatively lesser than RFD/PFD.

Most manufacturers purchase greige fabric in bulk to develop their own prints, colors, and patterns.

It is the basic material required for making RFD/PFD fabrics.

The most common types of Greige fabrics are:

  • Drill Grey
  • Twill Grey
  • Satin Grey
  • Poplin Grey

What is RFD/PFD Fabric?

Ready for dyeing fabric

RFD stands for Ready for Dyeing and PFD stands for Prepared For Dyeing.

As the name indicates, it is those fabrics that are used for manufacturing colored garments, printed fabrics and is used for dyeing purposes.

When gray fabrics undergo various processes such as scouring (1), bleaching (2), equalizing (3), etc., it becomes the RFD fabric.

RFD/PFD fabrics are costlier than greige fabrics and it is white in color.


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Manufacturing factories use RFD/PFD fabrics as a base for dying or printing on finished goods.

  1. Scouring is the primary process carried out in order to remove all the waxes and pectins. This process makes the textile more water-absorbent.
  2. Bleaching is a chemical process in which the natural color, odor and other impurities of the greige material is removed.
  3. Equalizing ensures that the effluents have uniform characteristics in terms of pollution load, pH and temperature.

Some brands source greige fabrics or PFD fabrics individually from weavers and do the processing at a much cheaper location. Most of the time, clients with higher volume and lower spending power tends to use this method of production. Greige fabric / PFD fabric is available around the world for trading. It is a common commodity in the markets.

At Dinesh Exports, we manufacture greige fabric as well as PFD fabrics at our facility with global certifications. For more details, please reach out to us.

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