Guide to Fabric Sourcing From Different Places in India

fabric sourcing in India

Fabric makes up the majority of a garment and accounts for 60–70% of its cost. Sourcing fabrics are among the most crucial factors for a manufacturer of clothing. Before accepting a garment order, a garment maker must make a strategic decision on fabric procurement. An excellent fabric provider means that half of your work is already done.

The initial stage in fabric sourcing is to determine the fabric quality, such as weave content (e.g., cotton, viscose, or polyester), solid or yarn-dyed weaves, prints or knitted, count-construction, GSM, etc.

Finding a provider who can provide the quality at the best price comes after the fabric quality has been assessed. Although price is the most crucial factor in choosing a supplier, one should also take other factors into account, such as lead time, the required quality standards, the supplier’s performance in previous orders in terms of delivery commitment, the quality of the delivered fabric, their response to quality issues, etc.

One should thoroughly assess the mill’s production capacity, quality system, and capacity for on-time delivery before adopting a new supplier.


Fabric sourcing in India, where to purchase?

It depends on the fabric’s quality and occasionally on the final consumer. Some customers are willing to pay more for greater quality if it means receiving it. Some consumers, particularly those who conduct large volumes of business, have very strict costing targets; in such cases, the clothing producer must identify the cheapest source.

  1. Delhi as well as the NCR (Around Delhi)

If you want to buy ordinary quality materials in solid and print, such as 80s voile, 60s cambric, 40s poplin, 30s rayon, etc., you can do so in Delhi-NCR at a lower price.

There are some mills in Delhi-NCR that have a good capacity for knit fabric.

You can get any type of fabric from fabric showrooms in Delhi-NCR for the development of garment samples if a modest number of fabrics is needed.


  1. South India (Salem, Erode)

Dinesh Exports in Erode

If you are looking for yarn-dyed fabrics at a cheaper rate, then South sector like Salem, Erode is a good option. Dinesh Exports is one of the leading woven fabric manufacturers in south India, based in Erode. We provide all types of woven fabrics that follows international sustainability standards. If you are looking for a reliable woven fabric manufacturer for your brand, reach out to us.

  1. Tirupur

For knits fabric sourcing Tirupur is the hub.

  1. Surat 

surat textile market

Similarly, for any kind of polyester fabric, Surat is the hub in India. Though there are some mills in Delhi-NCR doing polyester qualities.

  1. Jaipur

handblock printed fabrics in India

For hand-block printed fabrics, and hand-crafted textiles Jaipur is a good place for sourcing.


  1. Souring from Mills

fabric mills producer

Most garment exporters source greige fabric and then get dyed/printed (job work) in the local mill which gives a price advantage.  The price will be slightly higher but the fabric quality will be greater if you purchase the same quality from an organized mill sector. Big businesses in the organised mill sector include Arvind, Vardhman, Nahar Industries, BVM, and Bombay Rayon mills. These mills are dispersed throughout India. In the same way as Vardhman is situated in Ludhiana, Punjab, and Arvind Mills in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The core of the apparel industry is the fabric procurement process. As a result, you should be careful while choosing the fabric providers for your purchases. Hope this guide was helpful. If you need help with fabric sourcing, let us know.

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