Who are the top fabric sellers in India?

Who are the top fabric sellers in India blog

Are you looking for reliable fabric sellers in India?

Well, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I want to take you through multiple sources from where you can purchase fabrics.

While making this list, I have taken into consideration a few criteria. They are:

  1. Ease of doing business
  2. Availability of stock
  3. Wide range of collection
  4. Security for payment
  5. Excellent business history

You can be an individual trying to find a seller for personal use or you are planning to start your own small apparel business.

This article can also be helpful for professionals working at organizations as merchandisers, buyers, or sourcing roles.


1. Akrithi

Akrithi fabric seller

Akrithi is ideal for personal purchase as well as wholesale orders.

They have a wide range of products showcased on their website.

They started selling through social media in 2013 and slowly scaled to the stage where they are now.

Available products

MOQ: 1 meter

Price starting at Rs. 320

  • Silk fabrics
  • Embroidery fabrics
  • Digital print fabrics
  • Brocades
  • Lace fabrics
  • Shimmer fabrics



2. Itokri Enterprise Ltd

itokri fabric seller

iTokri is an online fabric store that specializes in fabrics that are curated for people looking for unique fabrics.

Their collections revolve around creative and colorful ideas.

You will enjoy shopping from their website as it is as colorful and vibrant as their fabric collection.

They have a responsive team always online to help you with your purchase.

Available products

MOQ: 1 meter

Price starting at Rs. 320

  • South Indian fabrics
  • Naturally dyed fabrics
  • Rajasthan fabrics
  • Tie & Dye fabrics
  • Batik fabrics
  • Print fabrics
  • Etc



3. Fabriclore


Fabriclore is an award-winning fabric store that sells fabrics that comes under the term ‘crafted’ fabrics.

They tell a story in each of their products. They tie-up with various artisans and sells the goods directly to customers.

Their website is vibrant and full of images and short stories in the form of videos. It is a pleasant experience to shop from them.

If you are looking for fabrics that are curated and crafted by artisans, then this website is for you.

Apart from fabrics, they also sell saree, sets, home utilities, and other accessories.

Available products

MOQ: 1 meter

Price starting at Rs. 220

  • Cotton weaves
  • Contemporary weaves
  • Silks & Blends
  • Embroidered
  • Sustainable fabrics


4. Dinesh Exports – Largest b2b Online fabric store

Dinesh Exports fabric seller

Dinesh Exports is an online store for purchasing all types of woven fabrics at the best prices.

The number one reason why you should buy your fabrics from Dinesh Exports is that it is a manufacturer and an Exporter.

So this combination gives you the best quality (Export qualities are always better) and best prices (There is no middle man here).

On their online shop, it is easy to categorize and filter their products on various terms like weight, fabric content, fabric structure, and the type of weave.

If you are a newbie and you need assistance in purchasing a product, you can reach out to the team and get help in finding the right fabric and completing the purchase.

Available products

sustainable products image

Min order quantity: 0.5 mtr

Price starting from Rs. 175

  • Natural Fibers like Cotton, Hemp, Modal, Bamboo etc.
  • Man-made fibers like Polyester, Viscose, Lycra etc.
  • Printed Fabrics
  • Yarn-Dyed Fabrics
  • Dyed Fabrics
  • Sustainable Fabrics



5. Fabcouture

Fabcouture fabric seller

Fabcouture is an e-commerce store that also sells fabrics apart from other apparel and accessories.

They have a selected range of fabrics and that’s why they are special.

If you are looking to buy fabrics at a premium price, then this website is for you.

They ship worldwide and products can be purchased in various currencies at the visitor’s convenience.

Available products

MOQ: 1 meter

Price starting at Rs. 275

  • Plain fabrics (Georgette, Cotton, velvet, etc.)
  • Printed fabrics (Chiffon, Modal, Organza, etc.)
  • Embroidered fabrics
  • Chikan fabrics
  • Jacquard / Brocade fabrics
  • Laces


Tips for buying fabrics

Understand your requirement: Before you make a purchase, determine the use of the fabric. Evaluate who and where it will be worn. Then make a decision on the type of fabric suitable to that environment.

Buy sample first: It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of shopping. But before you make the purchase, buy samples from suitable prospects and make the purchase after feeling the fabric in person and comparing it with the available ones. There is always a difference in feeling it with your own hands.

Negotiate for the best price: Most of the brands will be willing to negotiate prices if you are making a big purchase. Don’t expect a huge discount.


Now that you are ready to make your purchase, leave a comment before leaving. Let us know your experience purchasing from any of the vendors mentioned above.



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