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Cotton Slub Fabric: Good or Bad?

cotton slub fabric good or bad

Cotton Slub Fabric is a cotton fabric that is manufactured with slubs, or short strands of yarn. The slubs can be created by twisting the yarn or by too much tension on the weaving loom. Slubs make the fabric feel more natural and create a textured appearance. However, there are some concerns about this fabric because it has a shorter shelf life than regular cotton fabrics and can shrink or pill more easily. Cotton is a natural material and has distinct characteristics that make it different from other fabrics. Cotton fabric is made of fibers that are twisted together to form threads, resulting in a strong, long-wearing fabric and providing the strength needed for workwear.



What is Cotton Slub Fabric Used For?

Cotton slub fabric is used for a variety of purposes. It is used in upholstery because it is durable and hard-wearing. Cotton slub fabric is also used in clothing. Cotton slub fabric is a great alternative to polka dot fabric because it has a vintage feel. Cotton slub fabric is also great for craft projects like quilts and pillows. Cotton slub fabric is also used in more decorative areas like curtains.


What is Slub Fabric’s Care Instructions?

Slub fabric is a loosely woven fabric with a textured surface and may be wavy, crimped, or curly. It is heavier than a regular textured fabric. Slub fabrics are typically used for casual and work wear.

Slub fabrics require little to no effort to care for. They can be washed in cold water on the delicate cycle and air dried.


Cotton Slub Fabric Designs

white printed cotton slub fabricpink solid cotton slub fabricwhitesolid cotton slub fabricblue printed cotton slub fabric

What are the characteristics of cotton slub fabric?

Cotton slub fabric is a lightweight, soft fabric. It has a textured weave, featuring a mix of long and short fibers. Other features are:

  1. Stretchy:

Slubby fabric usually stretches the most when compared to knit slub fabric. The stretch in slub fabric is caused by how it’s constructed. The vertical rows usually don’t stretch at all, but the parallel lines are extensive. A slub is stretchy fabric is thin but with a smooth texture, loops and threads do not face the same direction making them tangle easily. Whereas in slub-woven fabrics, they face opposite directions and don’t cause any issues with tension

  1. Lumpy texture:

Be sure to check to see if the fabric has lumps or irregularities before buying. Slub woven fabric goes through a process in weaving where it is twisted, which can create lumpy areas on the surface of the fabric. Nonetheless, a slub fabric’s final look and feel may differ, depending on the woven technique used.

  1. Less saturated color:

As noted earlier, slubs take on a different color than the rest of the yarns, creating a feathering effect. In most cases, the slubs are less color-saturated.

  1. Weight:

Slub fabrics come in different weights, depending on how the threads are woven together. If the threads are tightly woven, you will have thick fabric. On the other hand, loosely held weaves will give light and thin fabric.


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