Canned Clothes. A New Future.

canned clothes are future

Paris women’s wear fashion week 2023 had something futuristic for the world. A dress from a can. Gone are the days when models walked with clothes on. During this showstopper, the American model Bella Hadid was given a dress by spraying on her. While on the ramp. Interesting isn’t it? Let’s decode the event in this article.

The Coperni Show – Canned Clothes

American model Bella Hadid just made history in fashion. Instead of wearing a dress, Bella hadid walked the ramp with no clothes on, but a g string. Technicians around her then spray paints her body with a new material that slowly becomes her clothes. Watch this video below.

While the event was spectacular, there is tremendous opportunity in this technology. Let’s understand how they were able to do this.

The Technology behind the Canned Clothes

The technology behind Bella Hadid’s dress is called Fabrican. It is a spray-on fabric made using synthetic polymers. One of the technicians that appeared on the stage in the above video is the inventor of the material, Dr. Manel Torres.

Designers Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant were responsible for creating the show-stopping look.


What is the significance of this show?

There is a global crisis around the world where the food prices are increasing and people are forced to depend on canned food. This show depicts an era where everything we consume may come from a can. The so called canned dress is the idea behind this show. This video has broken the social media and the internet. It is worth noticing because, the applications of this technology are enormous as it can be applied in medical and other emergency situations.


The inspiration behind the tech

The inspiration for this technology was supposedly from a string can that is highly used during Halloween festivals. Dr. Torres is a big fan of this product and hence he got the idea of creating a can for fabric.

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