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Calculating Fabric Required for Making Women’s Kurti

fabric required for making womens kurti

In this post, we will explore the methods for calculating the fabric requirements in yards or meters for making simple women’s kurtis or suits. As a general guide, you will typically need 2-4 meters of fabric for making a kurti, depending on the length and size of the kurti.


The amount of fabric you will need for your kurti design depends mainly on the length of the kurti. The following are two main parameters on which your fabric consumption will depend.


Fabric width: The width of the fabric is an important parameter for calculating fabric consumption in length (in meters or yards needed per garment).


Size and Fit: The second parameter is the size and measurements of the kurti, as well as the type of fit. I will use the following measurements for calculating the fabric need for making a woven kurti.


Below are the panels on a kurti:

  • Front panel
  • Back panel
  • Sleeve x 2 panel
  • Collar
  • Front placket
  • Tapes for side slits


To cut the front and back panels, lay the fabric out flat with the panels side by side and cut along the 21″ and 22″ width measurements. Add a seam margin and fold width where needed. When calculating the amount of fabric needed, keep in mind that the front and back panels will be sewn together at the sides.


The total width of fabric needed for two body panels is 44 inches. The length of the body panels is 47 inches, which includes a 2″ bottom fold and a 1″ seam margin.


For the sleeves, place two sleeve panels side by side and cut along the 15″ and 15


Considering body and sleeve patterns you need total (47+ 26) inches = 73 Inches.


So you need fabrics 73 inches when you select fabrics of 46 inches. Add 5% fabric wastage to calculate fabric consumption = (73 x 1.05) = 76.65 inches or 1.95 Meters per Kurti.


(Note: Above consumption is based on a specific design.)


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