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27 Fascinating Facts about Fashion & Clothing

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Fashion is an ancient phenomenon. Humans always had the desire to be different from others and to express their creativity through fashion. Some of the fashion trends that we see today have a ‘weird’ history of origin. With time, trends have changed and fashion has been lost. In this article, we are going to look at those fascinating facts about fashion and clothing.

The Fashion & Clothing Facts

  1. The handbag was first designed and used to help women attract a husband. It was invented in the 19th Women would embroider them with intricate and colorful patterns to show off to the men.
  2. Two of the most influential fashion magazines of all time are ‘Vogue’ and ‘Harper’s Bazaar’. It has existed for more than 100 years since its inception during the 19th The first-ever fashion magazine was sold in Germany in 1586.
  3. ‘Mini skirt’ was named after the famous car “Mini Cooper” as it was the favorite car of its designer, Mary Quant.
  4. A Tuxedo (it is a semi-formal western dress code for events and other social gatherings) gets its name from the town Tuxedo, situated in Orange county. It was where Tuxedo was first worn.
  5. Lacoste’s crocodile logo was the first brand name and logo to appear on a garment.
  6. Hollywood producer D.W Griffith invented the false eyelashes in 1916 to enhance the eyelashes of his actress for a film. It was made out of human hair.
  7. The first woman to wear a white wedding dress was Queen Victoria on her wedding day. Up until that moment, a white dress was associated with mourning.

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  8. The buttons attached to the jacket sleeve was first attached to prevent soldiers from wiping off their running nose from the sleeves. It was ordered by Napoleon Bonaparte, the French leader.
  9. Before World War II, only men were allowed to wear shorts. But after the war, there was a shortage of fabric, and women were forced into wearing shorts. During the 1970s, South Korea deployed fashion police to measure the length of the women’s mini skirts. Strong actions were taken against those who went above a certain length.


  10. The popular fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld owned more than 300000+ books. He loved books so much he created a scent for book lovers called the ‘paper passion’
  11. The record for the world’s longest wedding dress is held by a dress that has a 1.85-mile-long train.
    fashion old
  12. The word ‘Jeans’ originated from the colloquial word ‘Genes’, which translated to Genoan sailors who wore cotton pants.
  13. The oldest eyeliner ever to be discovered was in the most unlikely of places. King Tutankhamun’s tomb. Eyeliner was popular since the 1920s.
  14. During the Renaissance period, it was fashionable to shave off the eyebrows. Weird right!
  15. Queen Elizabeth, I was a big fan of hats. As a result, women that didn’t wear hats on Sundays and on public holidays were given a large fine during her reign.
  16. Did you know that, as per a survey, women tend to buy shoes that are smaller for their feet? It is inferred that women like to think they have smaller feet and therefore choose a smaller size.
  17. Lipstick is a common makeup item used by women. But did you know that its main ingredient is fish scales?
  18. The fashion icon Marilyn Monroe owned a dress that was encrusted with 6000 rhinestones. In an auction that took place in 1999, it was sold for $1.26 million.
  19. The ‘bikini’ was first invented in 1946. But later it was banned by several countries after the Vatican said it was a sin to wear them.
  20. Neckties, originally called cravats, came from Croatia. It is a popular Father’s Day gift.
  21. The long, fluffy wigs worn commonly by judges today, derived from the days of King Louis XIII. The French monarch suffered quite badly with bald patches and wore a massive wig to appear macho and powerful.
    louis the xiii
  22. Jewelry was first worn by men. During the early days, kings and royals wore them as a symbol of status and victory in battle.
  23. T-shirts are one of the most popular clothing items with more than 2 billion of them sold each year. The origin of the name ‘T-shirt’ is not properly recorded, but most people believe that the T shape is responsible for the name.


  24. In 1997, after Alexander McQueen used animal and bird heads in his fashion show, members of PETA dumped animal guts in front of Givenchy’s Paris boutique doorstep.
  25. The first Indian designer who showed at Paris fashion week was Ritu Beri. She is also the write and publisher of the most expensive book ever written called the ‘Firefly-A Fairytale’ which costs 1 lakh rupees per book.
  26. In the Arab culture, shoes are considered dirty. It is an offense and an extreme grave insult to show one’s shoe sole and throw shoe at someone.
  27. High heels were originally designed for men. It was believed that high heels helped men ride horses better.

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