Top 7 Fashion Influencers you should follow in 2021

2021 top fashion influencers

Who doesn’t like to dress well?
Every gathering, eat-outs, and wedding are increasingly becoming an opportunity to take pictures and share them on social media.
In those pictures, we want to stand out and showcase the latest trends in fashion.
Everyone wants to become an influencer these days.
But getting a substantial number of followers on social media is rather difficult.
If you are interested in fashion and want to stay ahead in the fashion trends, you must follow the Instagram accounts mentioned in this article.
As India’s largest b2b online fabric store which caters latest fabrics to popular brands, we have curated a list of Top 7 Fashion Influencers to follow in 2021.

Top 7 Fashion Influencers you should follow in 2021

1. @thatbohogirl

Kritika Khurana is Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Influencer of the Year 2020, the content creator behind @thatbohogirl.

She is having more than 1.2 million followers.

Her feed is full of great content featuring brands in women’s fashion.

thatbohogirl instagram snip

Follow @thatbohogirl here

2. @santoshishetty

Santoshi Shetty is a curator at the Expression Tribe with a verified account.

This profile is colorful and inspiring for people who like to stay fit and trendy.

With more than 7 lakh followers, she has a good influence on the platform.

Santhoshishetty insta image

Follow @santoshishetty here

3. @sruthijayadevan

SRUTHI JAYADEVAN is an Indian living in Texas with a verified account.

Her feed consist of ethnic wear more than western fashion.

More than 1.7 lakh people follow her on Instagram to stay updated on the latest fashion trends.

sruthijayadevan insta pic

Follow @sruthijayadevan here


4. @kitakaturi

Ankita is the founder of the marketing agency The Smartketers.

This is the only account without a verified symbol in our list.

She shares a lot of trendy pictures with her more than 2 lakh followers.


kitakaturi insta pic

Follow @kitakaturi here

5. @sabyasachiofficial

Sabyasachi is a luxury brand that has lehengas starting at 8 lacks and above.

This Instagram account is worth following.

Their feed is aesthetically appealing with occasional celebrities like Deepika Padukone featuring in some pictures.

They have a verified account with more than 4.8 million followers.

sabyasachiofficial insta

Follow @sabyasachiofficial here



wanted to make sure that our list is a mixture of both male and female influencers. Lets dive into the male category


6. @usaamahsiddique

Usaamah Siddique is a fashion enthusiast promoting vibrant pictures and the private label ‘Perlo Studios’

He has a verified account with more than 84 thousand followers.

Make sure you follow him for some vibrant-looking content and the latest fashion.


Follow @usaamahsiddique here

7. @heisgotthestyle

Sarang Patil is the creator behind this account with more than 57 thousand followers and a verified account.

This account is mostly about fashion, travel, and his love for his mom.

A great profile if you wish to stay ahead in men’s fashion.

heisgotthestyle insta

Follow @heisgotthestyle here

Please comment on your favorite from the list and let us know if we have missed any. We will make sure that we add relevant Instagram accounts when we update the list.

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